The Big Sweep - Story and Recreation

The Big Sweep
Story and Recreation

The packaging is based on the moment where some apes, doodles, clonex, and bokis were chilling near the bonfire. The mutant was having pizza and the bored ape was drinking Melonade juice. It was the time when they all were together discussing about making the board game whereas some gutter cats in the background were planning on the treasure hunt. Tents were set up at the back where some punks where sleeping and they had a nice riverfront at the back of the camp where we saw those NFTs Chilling and having a good time.

The story started when some of the NFTs went on a trip. One of the guys suggested that they should make a product that would get them all under the same umbrella. It was then when all of them decided to head over to Melonade Studios with their idea.

When they arrived at the studio, it was evident that there was a lot of love and respect for each other as communities and shared awesome experiences from the trip. The tit-bits and creativity is what we used to create the product and initiate the project. It started with initial set of apes, gutter cats, mutant and doodles, and seals who went on the trip. The group had more than sixty members. One of them had a special request to put Kevin AKA ‘Pixelmon’ in jail because he tried to ruin the trip for all of them and did serious damage to the community,

The team at Melonade Studios started designing the boards for the game, inspiration courtesy of the story about the Treasure Hunt they shared from their trip. The hunt was started when a lot of punks came earlier looking for the gem but were unable to find it. The Apes heard about the gem in the middle of the jungle and informed everyone in their camp area about it. It was going to be difficult to find the gem as they had to face challenges and fight multiple enemies on their way. A degod came from the Solana portal with one of his dogs to find them gem. Goblins were not looking for the gem but the treasure from the tree. Friesframe came in his boat ‘Never Wetter’; an iconic boat with a captain dog to find the gem. There were a lot of things going on in that treasure hunt and the visuals we got from all the communities is what we used to create the art on the board.

The NFTs which represent the squares on the board were the ones who got the closest to the gem and earned themselves a spot on the first ever cross-community game. Communities really stand by each other and that is what was most important to us when we were discussing the squares representation. The gaming token holds a very special position in each community and it was what we kept in mind while developing it.