Welcome To The Big Sweep

Welcome To The Big Sweep

The Big Sweep is the first edition of a physical board game launched by Melonade Studios which offers you the thrill of buying, selling and trading. You can collect royalties from other players in the game. Iconic Gaming tokens, Art galleries , ethereum dice to make it up to luxury. We want to inculcate knowledge about the NFT culture and there is no fun way other than board games like old times where we can have cross IP embedded. Play to hold each NFT and drive fellow players into bankruptcy.

NFT Distribution

There would be only 420 limited edition pieces of ‘The Big Sweep’ launched at 0.1E each. To add a little fun , we have lucky 7 ‘Alpha gamer ‘ NFT out of the whole collection which grants you a direct spot on the board game at a royalty rate of 1.5x.

Melonade Gaming Parlour

When you buy ‘The Big Sweep’ NFT , you’re not simply buying just a physical board game . You are going to have access to the future opportunities in extending your IP’s to a new vertical with the brand . For starters , next board game. This might be a recap of childhood memories for you when you see board games, arcade games but for us it’s a way to serve the community and give a sweet recap of playing with friends and family.


Fuck it , No Roadmap (After sell out)